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Following extensive research in the area of Shanghai and Shenzhen we are able to access to a variety of production possibilities and to import successful products from China. By a very good product quality and the optimization of the price / performance / quality ratio we have achieved an interesting saving potential for our customers.


Product range made in China includes:

  • Plastic injection molds, plastic injection molding parts
  • Aluminum and zinc die casting toolings as well as die casting parts
  • CNC - turned parts (shafts, bolts, etc.)

As part of our ongoing visits and inspections on the spot, we have made us an insight of the corporate structures and business philosophies of our suppliers what assure a long term quality standard and delivery reliability for our customers. Products made in China and supplied by BPM GmbH are produced in companies which have established a quality management system according to EN-ISO 9001:2000 and largely already of them have the certification.

The attitude of the staff, the skills of management and the produced quality as well as an interesting price advantage offered by our Chinese business partners help us to increase the competitiveness of our customers.


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Business connection China
Business connection China